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  • Located in the heart of Liverpool.
  • We have our own 13,000 sq ft manufacturing plant. 

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We Purchase

Polypropylene material in many forms;

  • Regrind
  • Packaging
  • Cases, baskets & crates


A professional service that is always second to none.

  • Custom granulation of various polypropylene products
  • Material testing in our laboratory
  • MFI, tensile strength & identification tests


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Alpha Polymers are one of the leading recycling companies in the UK - specialists in recycling and compounding polypropylene material for industry nationwide.

Alpha *Propolene compounds have been used extensively throughout the UK in a range of high quality industrial, domestic and automotive applications.

We purchase redundant/scrap polypropylene in various forms and reprocess to make black copolymer polypropylene pellet for sale to the moulding industry.

If you are interested in purchasing black pp compound or would like to discuss specific requirements of polypropylene tailored to your product please visit the contact us page or call 0151 933 3020.


We Sell

Various grades of black polypropylene copolymer in pellet form.


Our grades include;

  • APC4
  • APC20TR
  • FM50
  • FM50/12


To find out more about the products we supply please click here for our Products & Services page.


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