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  • Located in the heart of Liverpool.
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Neil O’Rourke

Managing Director


Neil has been in the plastics industry since 1982, two years at a profile extrusion company in Southport, further two years at a colour compounding company in Haydock and joined Alpha Polymers in 1985.  During his 27 years with the company he has gained experience at all levels in the business, including production, purchasing and sales.  Neil has been managing director for the past twelve years.


Louise Kirby

Management Accountant


Louise has been with the company for seventeen years and assists Neil in the running of the business.  Previously working at an accountancy practise, she joined Alpha in 1995 as bookkeeper and secretary, then studied for her accountancy qualifications and progressed to management accountant for the last ten years. 


Production Team


The majority of our production staff started with us in the early days and are still with us today.  This means that all members of staff have 15-25 years experience in our business and this gives us a wealth of knowledge in the field of polypropylene recycling.  The production staff all have experience in the plastics industry before joining Alpha too.

History of Alpha Polymers


Alpha Polymers was founded in 1981 by Bernard J O’Rourke, colour chemist, who had been working in the plastics recycling industry since 1964. 


Originally located in Bedford Place, Liverpool, we moved to larger premises at our current location, Costain Street in 1990 and have been operating from this 15,000 sq foot recycling and manufacturing plant ever since.


Bernie was joined a few years later by Barry Lowe, joint director specifically overseeing  engineering, from Alpha’s sister company Propol UK where Barry was the managing director.  The two companies amalgamated in 1987.


Now semi-retired, Barry is still involved in the engineering and maintenance aspect of the business.


Bernie O’Rourke retired from the company in 2001 and his son Neil O’Rourke remains managing director today.